Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Now THIS is Minnesota snow.

This is the Minnesota I grew up with, this snowstorm today? Pfft. I sneer in it's general direction! This is me, my little sister, our dog Princess and my mom. It looks to be about 1964-1965. Also? Way before we had a snowblower!

My dad talks about getting my mom to the hospital because she was about to give birth to my brother, then having to rush off to pick me up from somewhere (I was two and this was Duluth). Because of a blizzard he couldn't get to work or back to the hospital for a week! I guess he and I spent it at home shoveling. Apparently I was able to sled off the roof of the garage because the back yard was even with its eaves...
One year my dad and older brother shoveled all the snow into a giant mound and made an igloo. Unsafe I'm sure but lots of fun!
I agree...the worst was how excited the weather news folk were getting. I mean, seriously, it was like a little snow sneeze...piece of cake.
I liked snowstorms back then. Now? Uh uh.
Sheesh! Where have I been!? I've missed so many of your posts!

I wish we had more "good old fashioned" winters. I love all the white stuff.

Very cool pic.
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