Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday FO - Beans!

Pattern: Soybean Socks by Christabel Seneque Yarn: Lime & Violet Sock Stories Color: I have no idea - tag was lost Needles: Knitpick DPN's US 1 1/2 Started: November 17, 2009 Completed: November 25, 2009.

Note: This yarn base was nothing special, but the socks themselves finished up looking like a berry pie explosion.

Still no pictures of the bender, but so far I've only gotten one package.

Wow. Those are crazy bright stripey pooling wow. :)
Your socks look delicious. I love that description, "berry pie explosion". They do look yummy!
Those looks like some good Christmas- morning-opening-presents socks.
With your production: why don't you join Sock Knitters Anonymous on Ravelry? Every now and then a challenge keeps you knitting. Love this sock. Looks so comfy.
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