Thursday, November 05, 2009

Red Scarf Project - Steam Scarf

Pattern: Steam Scarf by Diana Gates Yarn: Valley Yarns Berkshire Color: Burgundy Needles: US 9 Started: October 2, 2009 Completed: October 28, 2009.

Note: I'd really like to keep this scarf. Soft, stretchy and warm, and my favorite color (see the Webs site for a true color.) I will be picking up a gift card and then dropping this in the mail to the Red Scarf Project.

Sounds like you need to make one for yourself! Really cool pattern, that.
I love the pattern!
Too, too pretty. I love it. And I wouldn't blame you if you mailed it to yourself.
Oooh, that's cute! Is it reversible?
I made the very same scarf for my mom a few years back!
It's beautiful. I can imagine you really wanted to keep it. Brave girl to send it away!
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