Tuesday, November 10, 2009

OK. Wait a Minute. What?

Seriously now. This little piece of marketing was on my doorknob this week. I can't believe that this business is doing well in this economy.


Pattern: Salida by Janneke Maat Yarn: Madelinetosh tosh sock Color: Norway Spruce Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's US 1.5 Started: September 22, 2009 Completed: October 18, 2009.

Note: This is a beautiful pattern. While I find patterns like these demand more of my attention (patterns with a longer repeat), I find they move along really quickly when I'm knitting them.

Miscellaneous Vents & Brags:

So a year ago I bought a skein of hand-dyed sock yarn from an Etsy store that has been marinating in my stash. This morning I decided to wind it up for the upcoming sock-knitting binge and found myself spending an most frustrating hour. Have you ever had a hank of yarn so big that it wouldn't fit on your umbrella swift? Grrr. It is not pretty, and ever so bewildering.

What could I possibly brag about, you may ask? (Hmm, not a trick question!) Puck had his first non-scrimmage hockey game last night. Let me tell you, I'm surprised we've made it this far into the season after the horrible experience he had last year. The best news was that he got drafted onto a team with his friends and a FAIR coach. No short-benching the C players!

ANYWAY - Puck's team played a game against Eastview last night - it was a very exciting game and Puck got the winning goal (with help from two other players - he knocked the rebound into the net!) My boy is rediscovering why he loved Hockey in the first place!

I got a similar postcard in the mail. Gooness!

Socks are lovely, as usual!
Not to mention there are more than one of them--I got a postcard from a different holiday decorating company.
Gorgeous socks!

When I replaced my broken swift, I got an extra large one to deal with just such skeins.
Squeee! For the lovely socks and the love of hockey. Tell Puck WTG on the game winning goal!
I haven't wound yarn in a while - but my swift is not of umbrella style and can handle any size of hank - however I do get ticked off when the skein ends up WAY bigger than what my ball winder can handle when I only want one ball.
Why I get upset about an abundance of yarn I'll never know...
That hockey business is a huge relief. There are a lot of bum deals with that whole hockey business, but I'm finding out that there are a lot of us that just want our kids to have fun and not worry about making the big teams.

Love the socks, can't wait to see more!!!

ps. I have a friend who hires a woman to decorate the INSIDE of her home every year. Wow.
Lovely blue shades to the socks. I think you made them in quick fasion, within or about a month. Nice work.

Who are these people who can afford these lights? I am not complaining though, I get to benefit from their light displays. I love them
Oh they MUST be joking!
How nice you knitted the Salida's. Janneke is a friend of mine. She has a fine new pattern which has been knit in the Dutch Sock group and which will be translated in English afterwards. It's kind of innovative and has not yet a name. I'll send it to you by then. You can find it as Sokkenpad on my Ravelry projects page
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