Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Museum of Glass

So. Teen and I had dinner in Tacoma on the Thursday night of our West Coast Venture. We ate in a marina restaurant down on the Sound and out the window of the restaurant we saw this:

I don't know how many of you have heard of Dale Chihuly, an artist working in glass. There was just vague glass recognition for me - but Teen and I were blown away by his installation.

There were other artists and so many of the installations were outside, it was a fantastic evening walk - but too dark for my little point and shoot camera. Please click on the link in my title to see them. The Mirrored Murrelets and the Fluent Steps were so stunning with the strategic lighting - please go see them if you can. Puget Sound is an easy second choice for Teen, but definitely a second choice.

In the meantime, I promise you that there is knitting going on. There is also coughing and sniffing and everything else that goes along with it. I am not confident in the status of my lungs - I have an inkling I may be working a little pneumonia - I keep hoping the cough will subside. Puck is leaning more towards the sinus infection, but we have our fingers crossed and I have been pushing the saline nasal spray. So don't give up on me...the photos are coming!

I sure hope you feel better soon! Lovely glass work. Lucky Teen to be looking at such nice schools.
Wow - that glass is amazing!

See ya in a few. :)
Get better!
I think I want my mom to take me on college visits again - I obviously picked the wrong colleges to look at.

Feel better soon!
Oh yes, I have, he's fabulous! He had an exhibition and glass making exhibit out here a little ways back.
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