Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Thesis Tower

Reed College in Portland, Oregon

Every Senior at Reed College writes/produces a thesis in their area of study and this is where they end up. I loved this part of the library.

This is actually the only picture I took at a college - it was just a tad bit rainy - it's hard to hold an umbrella and a camera at the same time. Just between you, me and the ether, Teen loved UBC the most. I can't knock his choice, Vancouver, BC was an awesome adventure. Now we wait to see if he gets in. Too bad he doesn't really like hockey.

Oh, good luck to him! I love Vancouver.
I hope you're not too sick!!!

ps. That library picture reminds me of Hogwarts!! St. Olaf had a great old library, too. They built a new one and it has lost all of its character.
He will likely learn to love hockey - it can be "catching" not unlike what you've been suffering though.
Crossing fingers!

Oh, I am so going to have to look up that library next time I'm in Portland.
Hey! My boy checked Reed out, too. The NW US has so many really cool places.

He ended up at Luther. He loves it, and we can get to his performances. That was actually a consideration for him - he wanted us to see his concerts. Way out west, we wouldn't get to see them. It wasn't a huge decider, but it was a consideration.
Cool pic. Reminds me of the James Jerome Hill Reference library in St. Paul. Have you seen that place? Just like in Beauty and the Beast when the library is revealed to Belle by the Beast!
We must talk Or write.

My daughter wants to live in Portland for a year. Will she like it ? She says just for a year, b/c she wants to get out of the midwest for a bit. Is it safe? Tell me all nice things about it.
I worry

(she lives in Chicago and manages great. )
I think I told you my daughter liked Reed too. But she's at Hamline now and likes it very much. Just in case you end up there, Thomas Dolby's (remember him? Musician from the 1980s?) daughter is a freshman there this year. Brush with fame, man!
Ooh, beautiful library!
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