Saturday, October 03, 2009

One Gorgeous Green Sock!

This is Salida.

It looks terribly complicated, but once you get into it, it really flies! The yarn is from a Madtosh Yarn Club shipment that I received earlier this year. I cast on the second one Thursday morning, but I set it aside to work on a Red Scarf Project. There is some major sports knitting planned for this weekend. I started my scarf last night during the Twins game, I've been picking at it this afternoon during the Gopher Football game (ugh, my heart!) Yet to come - more Twins games and the Wild hockey game tonight! I'll have to wait until Monday night for the Vikings game, but I think the scarf may be finished by then.

That's a really cool pattern!
Lovely sock :)
It's gorgeous! What a pretty little sock!

It is Mon. evening and I've retreated from the tv because I can't stand the banter between my son (the Packer fan) and my own purple-blooded husband.

I could care less except that Brett Favre is deliciously handsome. Hmmm. maybe I'd better head back down to watch a bit more.

happy knitting
oh, yours is beautiful! I will frog my 3/4 Salida because it will definitely be too small and the yarn I'm knitting with is wrongly dyed and feels dead. New start with other yarn. Oh, and by the way, Serena, Janneke has several other beautiful patterns (Lau, Nell are the most recent(.
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