Sunday, October 04, 2009

My Friends Inspire Me.

I have a friend (you know who you are Sue!), who knits every bit as much (or more) than I do. And everything she knits is a gift. For a friend, for a charity, but she is giving with every stitch she knits. I tend to sprinkle my charitable knits in amongst the stuff I make for myself. The socks have become designated family gifts this year, and I knit the preemie hats in December and January, blanket squares here and there with the leftover sock yarn. But really, I dabble.

I typically give away most of my leftover yarn, some I keep for the preemie hats, but I had this worsted leftover from one of my cardigans and thought maybe I might have enough for the Red Scarf Project.

So last night I cast on Steam. I REALLY love this scarf. I got this much done last night during the Twins game (1/2 game out - Woot!)

This charitable stuff flies pretty fast, I may have to start sprinkling a little more.

ETA: I thought I should link to the Red Scarf Project in case anyone hasn't seen the details! Also, if you can manage a blanket the size of a cookie sheet - Kathy's NICU unit is in need! See her blog here.

Fantastic red scarf. I'm having a little baby blanket, and I mean LITTLE baby blanket charity drive. If your friend wants to knit up one. See my blog please!
I think I know which Sue you're talking about, and she is incredibly generous!
That's a gorgeous scarf - someone's going to be very lucky to receive it.
Your red cabled scarf looks warm and beautiful!
Unlike Amy, I do not know this Sue. But I like your scarf.
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