Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Mad for the Madtosh!

Chic Knits Mondo Cable Pulli. ( I finished Siesta and I forged straight ahead and totally forgot my FO post!) My camera wants to make this yarn pinkish-orange, when in fact it is a pinkish-rust color. I actually have two really, really finished items that I need to do an FO post about, those are coming. In the meantime, I have a project to pick up in every room that I sit down in to watch Football, um, I mean Baseball, oh wait, I mean Hockey! Yikes! Could a sports fan from Minnesota BE any happier today? Go Twins/Vikes/Wild!

Very pretty color. Probably pretty when it's the right color, too. :o)
I think the most important question is - do you still have your voice or did you totally lose it over the last 2 very exciting days?
I have the same question that CursingMama does!
I like the color that my monitor and orange.
Nice cardi! And FO's? So jealous.

Glad you're a happy sports knitting fan! A Good Thing.
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