Thursday, October 22, 2009

The FO Placeholder Post:

So, since October 9 I was first - getting ready to take Teen to visit colleges out West, second - I was driving Teen around two states and another country out West, then Third - getting unpacked and unwound from a very long trip home from Vancouver. So today I opened up the blog and decided it was time to update!

Pattern: Siesta by Carol Feller Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease Color: Lake Needles: KnitPicks Options US 4 Started: August 14, 2009 Completed: September 26, 2009.

Note: Um, yea, I'm only allowed to knit with cotton on one project per year...

There will be more information to come about our trip...

Hooray! FO and a beautiful one at that. Love the cool color. So did you like/not like the cotton?

Couch dog had to make way for flu boy who had enough with his bunkbed.

I'm working the hood of my Central Park Hoodie - my first GROWN-UP sweater. I'm supposed to pick up stitches all the way up the front for a button band - ugh.
It turned out great!
That is a lot of traveling for one month with one teen. Hope the teen found something good :)

Love the sweater!
Nice work!
Wowza! Lots of traveling. Too bad you can't use the mileage for free airline tickets.

Gorgeous sweater. You shame me with your prodigious output.

We're starting to look at colleges, too. But not traveling - yet. We should touch base. What is Teen going to study?
Knitting with cotton is hard on my arm/tendons. Same?
your sweater is wonderful however
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