Monday, September 21, 2009

Knitting Extrvaganza!

I really only finished one sock this weekend - too much yakety-yak. However, the yarn I purchased is Alpaca, Llama and Sheep! The ball in the bowl is some Crazy Zauberball - just for fun. The other two were some very soft skeins from Blackberry Hills in St. Croix Falls. I'm looking at a hat and scarf up there. Hat in the solid and a scarf in the multicolored.

It was a very enjoyable weekend - a little bit of shopping, a few classes, lots of talking and a nice lunch. DH and the kiddos were up at the cabin, so I had the house to myself when I got home on Saturday night.

I love the blue!
ooooh I love an empty house! You lucky gal.

Pretty yarn. It sounds like you have some fun winter knits coming down your queue.
How delightful it must have been to come home to silence. Something seriously lacking around here.

I know you survived the whole stucco re-do awhile ago but doesn't the noise just drive you mad???
Very nice colors!
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