Monday, September 07, 2009

I Broke Down. Part 1

After a couple months of only receiving sock club yarn in the mail, I broke down and ransacked the Loopy Ewe.

Some lovely pink and brown Sknitches Original Tones - this is 100% merino and it is soooo soft.

This is Sugar Bunny Boulevard, again, 100% merino. Again, so soft. This one is hanging on the yarn winder because I can't wait to knit this stuff up.

Tune in later this week for part 2!

In the meantime - I spent the evening doing the travel agent thing last week. Teen insists he does not want to go to college in the Midwest so he and I are taking a trip out to Oregon, Washington and Vancouver over MEA this weekend. Can I help it if I encourage him a little bit? I LOVE it out there. I have not, however, scoped out the yarn stores yet. Do you think I'll have time?

There's always time for yarn stores.

And I love the pink/brown yarn.
Pretty yarn! I'm surprised you held out this long. ;)

Dang, how many days are you going to be out there? Sounds like you'll be moving too fast to stop for yarn (or books, as Powell's in Portland is awesome).
make time!!
Make time! And don't miss Powell's!
Airplane Yarn!
You may just end up needing a lot of it. (feeling thankful that my senior is planning on staying in state)
Portland and Seattle are yarn meccas, so you must find time to visit a LYS or two. I've found that the Pacific Northwest is one of the few places that rivals the Twin Cities when it comes to fabulous yarn stores.
I love the pinks creams and browns colorway. So lovely.
Oh I love the Sugar Bunny Boulevard. I think that's beautiful.

Oregon, Washington, Vancouver? Me? Jealous? Argh! I hope Teen picks one of these. I'll live vicariously through you.

Your new Cardigan is wonderful. How do you find the time?
I've been a bad girl all summer long and now this temptation . . . LOVELY stuff.

I am so thankful Hockeyman is looking for schools around here (so far). But it sounds like a lovely trip anyway. Maybe I should be encouraging HM to look somewhere fun. Hmmmmm!
Of course there is yarn shop time. Pretty yarn too.
You had better make time! There are some serious yarn stores out west that I can only dream about. Take loads of pics if you go and good luck on the college hunt.

Those yarns are gorgeous!
Gorgeous! Of course you broke down - in the face of that? Impossible not to.

Must. Make. Time. For. Yarn. Shops.
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