Thursday, September 03, 2009

FO for the SIL!

I can't think of anybody who deserves a treat more than she does right now!

Last weekend DH, SIL, SIL's partner, Teen and I were out 4-wheeling on trails in Northern Wisconsin. After a couple hours riding, we decided to go for one last spin, and after a bit we turned around to head back to the cars and trailers. SIL was riding in front of me and she pulled up to tell me that she had just been stung by an unidentified insect. (She was diagnosed in the ER as allergic to wasp/yellowjacket stings last Autumn and has carried an Epipen ever since.)

So, SIL has never used the Epipen in an emergency situation, and since we were not sure what stung her - we decided to haul butt back to the cars. Upon arrival at the cars, she was already becoming disoriented and said she was "seeing spots". We had her sit in the back seat of the car while her partner tried to figure out how to use the Epipen - it only took a minute so we got that medicine into her. SIL was still very disoriented and tried to get out of the car, I tried to grab her and turn her around into the backseat of the SUV and she collapsed in a dead faint at my feet!

People! I was terrified - and my poor DH was in tears! She was wheezing and I could not lift her on my own! I held her and tried to keep her calm and make sure she was breathing. Eventually, the guys had gotten one of the cars turned around and the two men and I had to carry her and maneuver her into the back seat again! Partner and I drove the 25 miles to the nearest hospital - she was awake but very groggy and disoriented the whole way. As a society, we hear Anaphylactic Shock all the time nowadays, I always just thought, well you just need to carry an Epipen! Well, I can tell you that the Epipen is only the beginning! She had an IV with Benadryl, steroids and some sort of blocker at the hospital. (Also? We should have popped her with the Epipen IMMEDIATELY, waiting until we got to the car could have been that life and death decision.) The hospital sent her home after a couple hours, but there were moments during that evening that I was so frightened I thought I was going to throw up.

SO ANYWAY! Socks for the SIL! Shock Socks, as it were:

Pattern: TTL Mystery Sock by Kristin Kapur Yarn: Knit One Crochet Too Ty-Dy Socks from Yarn4Socks Color: #1289 Red Orange Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's US 1 1/2 /2.5 mm Started: July 24, 2009 Completed: August 30, 2009.

Note: My SIL loves this sock pattern, squishy and warm for her cold Wisconsin feet (especially in the ER!)

Yikes! How scary! I'm glad she's ok. And I'm sure she'll love those socks - they're gorgeous.
Oh my gosh! That is just so scarey. I probably should not tell you this but I knew someone who died of anaphylactic shock - with his finger on the CB radio calling the sheriff office for help who simply could not get there fast enough. It's very serious. I'm so happy your SIL is fine now. Do not ever let her be without that Epi. Whew! What a frightening experience.

The socks are so lovely!
wow- that's too much drama. I'm glad she is ok.

Those are lovely socks. I spy baa baa baa, too. (that's what Noah and I call sheep).
Holy cow, yes, she does deserve socks for that. She's lucky she had a good team!

I think you deserve a new pair too, just for going through all that.
Wow, that's scary! I'm glad she's okay, and yeah, she totally deserves those beautiful socks!
Scary! But I'm glad SIL is okay. Cute socks! : )
That was horrible just reading about it! My eyes were filled with tears and I have goose bumps! I'm so glad she's ok. How horrible.

The socks are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. - I'm putting that one on my list, but the yarn is part of the beauty, too. Perfect.

PS. I brought my sweater to Coldwater and they have a lady that finished things (spendy . . . $30) but she did a great job. Also, for about 10-20 bucks you can sit with an 'expert' for an hour and they will show you how to do this at the store. If you do that, let me know - maybe we could do a joint 'zipper' lesson. I'd like to learn,too.
*shudders* The Gameboy is not very vigilent with the carrying of his Epipen - and even less so with the carrying of the self disolving anit-histamine to accompany the injection should he ever need it.
I think its time for another little talk.

Glad you SIL is well - and those are very cute socks!
Oh my that is scary glad she is alright. Pretty socks for her.
When you (or I, as the case may be) get allergy shots, the doctor makes you stay in the waiting room for 30 minutes afterward, as anaphylactic shock is a rare but still plausible reaction. Years ago, in college, I saw someone go into that kind of shock at the doctor's office, and it made a mighty big impression on me--I never skip the 30-minute stay. It is indeed very scary. I'm glad she's doing OK.
What a scary story - hope she's better by now too...nice socks.
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