Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Burn, Burn, Burn...

Pattern: Burning Ring(s) of Fire by Kirsten Kapur (free pattern) Yarn: sKnitches Old Syncopation Self-Striping Color: Brownie Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's US 1½ / 2.5 mm Started: September 12, 2009 Completed: September 20, 2009.

Note: This yarn is a bit fuzzy and quite fine - my knitting group thought it looked like an antiqued sock monkey. The socks look really cute on the sock blockers - but these socks looked a little, ahem, risque as they were coming off the needles. The finished product is nice - soft - and I like how they striped (even though they are not matchy-matchy)

The fine line between bragging and being Very Proud of the Offspring:
Did I mention that Teen is now OFFICIALLY a National Merit Scholar Semi-Finalist? Somehow, I have a smart boy. He is one of 16,000 (I think I recall that number) out of 1,500,000 US students that took the PSAT's as a Sophomore. We thought he would be one judging by the results of his test, but they make you wait over nine months for the official announcement. Now he has to keep up his grades, impress his Teachers and his Principal, do well on the SAT, fill out an application and write an essay.

I worked in Advertising for 12 years which lead to my unabashed love of Primetime TV and the Commercial.

My favorite commercial from this weekend during football? Kinko's/FedEx: "I'm sorry Dick Butkus."

Kudos to Teen and Mom!

I worked all weekend and missed that commercial. Think I could find it on You-Tube???
Yay! Congrats!
Congrats to Teen! I like those socks.
I like the striping, too!
Beware the teen that gets the idea they may be smarter than the parent ;) ..... Of course don't need a wild high PSAT score to find those teens ;)
Congrats to Teen - in my really cheeky way - that is a big accomplishment that no doubt took a lot of work.

Since you bring up commercials - I am currently pointing to my glasses and saying "ESTRADA"
I'll never buy their burgers - but I'll recite their commercial :D
Your needles must be burnin' too! You are a fast women!

Congrats to Offspring. Must be the genes.
A big and sincere congrats to your Teen and to you and your spouse. Nice going!

Love those socks. They look risque? I love them on the sock blockers. I think the colors are lovely.
congrats to Teen en to you! These socks look like autumn has come.
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