Saturday, September 12, 2009

Broke Down - Part 2

Oh heck. I just realized there may be a Broke Down - Part 3. Yikes!

Earthly Hues - 100% Merino Wool! This colourway (must be Canadian, ay?) is called Fallen Leaves and on their label they say: "We use natural, responsibly-harvested dyes!" I just liked the colors. Purchased at The Loopy Ewe - but they've got pretty pictures and lots of information on their website. (Hmm, TLE, where I now have a credit and I can use Paypal; where I have another credit for selling excess project yarn; where they have lots of DIC of all sorts....) I digress. More Broke Down:

How can 100% Merino be spun in so many different degrees of softness? This is Superfine Merino, and it is almost spongy in it's softness. This is the Juniper colorway, and it's hard to tell in my photo, but there is a definite deep evergreen quality to this color. Yum. (Oh yea - by Alchemy.)

More Football this weekend and Lacrosse camp on Sunday for the non-football players this year. I am the carpool driver and plan on knitting while I listen to the Vikings during the Lacrosse camp!

Okay! that's it.

Im going to loopy ewe site

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