Friday, September 11, 2009

Banded Agate

Did anyone else have the fascination with Agates that my sister and I had as kids? Outings and camping trips and summer vacations were spent looking for the coolest looking Agate. I would have bought this colorway just for the name. (I don't see the color on the website, so this may have been a sock club offering.) Now, looking at it in it's knit form, I definitely see the Agate-like tendencies.

I watched Titans and Steelers play football last night and I knit half a sock. (Umm, in between flipping over to Project Runway - how about those Minnesota boys?) Now that NaKniSweMoDo is winding down, I'm definitely picking up the sock mojo again. I think my family is expecting a basket of socks again at Thanksgiving - I may need to ramp up the sock knitting into high gear.

By the way, SIL has made a full recovery from her ER visit two weeks ago and was very happy to receive her new socks. She is going to visit a specialist today to see if she is eligible for an allergy shot program.

oooh, pretty!!
We have 4 jars of agates at home - Mr. M & I share a big bowl and the kids each have their own... we kinda like 'em a little bit.
Love the socks! Would like to order a big basket for Thanksgiving too :)
Am REALLY thinking of trying those square needles to see if that helps alleviate the wrist issues...
That is a very interesting colorway. And so is the sock pattern.
You flipped away from Project Runway?

My brother and I used to look for agates all the time. They're so weirdly magical! Nicely interpreted in the yarn.
i love agates, too. I found a really great one in our old neighbors yard before their house was built. I would dig for hours just to find one!
I hope your SIL qualifies, seems like a near death exp. should count for something, right?
I never seem to find agates, even though I'm always looking for interesting rocks. They elude me.
A Grandfather was a collector of Agates, and during our childhood the siblings and I would spend hours searching on the gravel roads around our house for Agates. This hobby continues with us still.
Sure hope this yarn is released to the general public, the colours are spectacular!
I'm hooked on Project Runway again this year. Yeah, MN Men!
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