Sunday, August 16, 2009

A Very Long Process:

Well, Copine has at least one seamed sleeve. I thought it was going to be a finishing weekend here, but then yesterday I went and cast on Siesta from the Summer 2009 Knotions. I managed to power through an entire skein of CottonEase yesterday as I watched the PGA Championships and The Sarah Jane Adventures from Netflix. Regarding the PGA, I think I need to stop caring how Tiger is playing because he's having a rough couple of days. I watched some football on Friday night too, I'm thinking our new qback is going to be named Sage.

Also, you may, or may not know that I'm a Reality TV bug and I got caught up in Big Brother early this year, and that house is CRRRRAZY this year! Anybody else watching?

Now if you guys would hurry up and make up your minds about my buttons, I may have an FO to show off this week.

I miss the blimps already!
You're moving at hurricane speed with those sweaters!
I like the blend in buttons, you finishing fiend.

Nooo! Not reality shows! Well, some of them. ;) Haven't caught BB though.
haha... is it really that important what we say about the colour of the buttons? I like Siesta. I do have 10 balls of Rowan luxury cotton that give the right gauge... yesyes.
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