Thursday, August 27, 2009

Orbital Blowout Fracture.

This is what a Blowout Fracture looks like (See the broken white line on the right side of the image - under the eye socket?) I'm showing you this image since Puck would not let me photograph him in any manner.

So, yeah. Puck broke his face this week. His injury is not nearly as severe as the one up above, as a matter of fact, he requires no surgery or pins. However, if he blows his nose, the skin underneath his eye blows up like a balloon the size of a golfball. All together now, ewwwww!

He was swimming at a friends house and he was at the bottom of the deep end of the pool. He pushed off the bottom and shot out of the water, right underneath the diving board. Guess where he hit his face?

Yep. There's six hours in the ER right there. I was so freaked out, I forgot my knitting.

Oh no! Poor Puck! You must have been really freaked out to forget your knitting!
I hope he feels better soon.
THAT IS HORRIBLE!!! And really funny that you said that he "broke his face". My gosh - how awful!! Hope he's feeling fine! Poor guy.
Ouch!!! Hope that heals quickly. Did you have your Kindle with you at least?!
Yikes! I hope he heals up quickly!
OMG, how scary!!! And you looked so calm at CMS last night!!!!
Boys! Whaddya gonna do? I hope he heals quickly and looks super cool in his school pictures!
Poor Puck!!!! I do hope that he heals quickly & well.

Now that all the very scary stuff has subsided and you've lost 6 hours in the ER for stuff that took 45 minutes tops - I do hope that you are documenting this properly because when you tell this story to his kids, they're gonna want video.
Yikes! I will be thinking happy, healing thoughts for him.
Yikes - sending healing thoughts your way.
Glad it wasn't worse. Take good care of him while he heals.
Holy cow, poor Puck!! And to think that broken elbow we had freaked me out. Here's to speedy healing.
Is that like the reverse of a diving accident? Try a little kinnearing just for us - and let's hope he gets healthy soon.
Ouch! I hope he heals quickly.
Poor PUck. Hope he heals quickly. Glad his eye orbits were spared.
I hope he is a lot better by now...
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