Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oops. I Cast On Again....

And I finished Acer, and attached the sleeves to the Sixteen-Button Cardigan! Acer even has it's pale yellow buttons, it needs a good steam, but I have to wait for my new steamer to get here. I may actually finish my 12 sweaters for NaKniSweMoDo before the year is up!

In the meantime, the boys and I are supposed to head over the border to the cabin in the morning. I'm trying to figure out if our limited TV reception will get the Vikes pre-season game tomorrow night. I can't imagine the Packer-state will bend over backwards to bring Favre to the vacationing Minnesotans...but I was looking forward to some good football this year BEFORE they signed Favre!

Wow, you have been BUSY!

I hope it's warmer and drier at the cabin than here. :)
Twelve sweaters would be amazing!
Holy crap, you're good!

We have a little (and confused) Packers fan here in our household. He's going to the game with dad tonight to see his hero in purple. His take, "Mom. You have to like a guy who loves football so much that he doesn't care what color he's wearing."
We love you Brent!
Cute cast on! Is that a shawlette?
Gee, you are productive!
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