Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday FO.

There are those pale, yellow buttons. It looks very conservative to me. I love this sweater a ton, so I may make another and go to town on my buttons.

Pattern: Acer by Kristin Kapur Yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy Color: Butter Peeps Needles: Addi Turbo US 9/5.5 mm Started: May 17, 2009 Completed: July 18, 2009.

Note: I love the fit details of this cardigan. I lengthened it just a titch.

In the meantime - the new Project Runway started tonight - woo!

Also? Go Vikes!

It's lovely!
That's gorgeous! I want one.
Oooh, that turned out great!
I love the buttons, because your eye focuses on the beautiful sweater and the lovely stitches and the way it drapes and is shaped. You don't notice the buttons and I think it works well this way.
Very pretty!
beauteous! I might have to make that sweater too. I didn't like it that much on the Through the Loops pic, but I sure like yours.
Great sweater, would go well with a purple scarf :)
It looks gorgeous. I like the buttons.

I missed the All Star Project Runway before the new season! Argh. Luckily they repeat like crazy but still.
Oh my, your Acer is truly lovely! I had seen the pattern but it didn't interest me, now that I've seen yours, I completely change my mind. Love the pale yellow buttons too.
I like yours a lot - much better than the green one in the picture! Aren't you joining the new Sockdown by Sockknitters anonymous???
This is my favorite sweater you've made so fa, just sayin'
Wow, she's a LOVELY. THe buttons beg the question, will you wear it buttoned more than unbuttoned?
If unbuttoned I would change them, if buttoned up I would leave them.
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