Sunday, August 09, 2009

Did Someone Say Pickles?

If you may recall, I mentioned that Puck and I would be making pickles soon. We ordered a 1/2 bushel from a local Farmer's Market/Nursery and jinkies, do we have pickles! (The market was Marshall's - to anyone local who would like to know.) FYI - we also purchased fresh dill and many bulbs of fresh garlic at the same Nursery. There were 29 jars just like these by the time we were finished and I STILL had 11 large pickling cucumbers left. Now, I don't heat preserve my pickles so these go right into the refrigerator and are ready to eat in 24 hours, though they only get better with time. (Also? Thank goodness for the garage fridge!)

They look tasty!
DILL pickles?? Um, yum?!!!!
So if Puck pickled a peck of peppers, how many pickles would Puck pickle?

Yum, homemade dill pickles. Are you going to try frying any of them?
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