Friday, August 14, 2009

Button, Button. Who has the button?

Dilemma of the day. Do I go green?

Or blend-in pale?

Or bright, blinding yellow?

I'm just going to have to think about it while I watch Tiger golf. Perhaps even while I watch Football on later on.

Green! (you could have expexted this answer from me ;-)
I vote pale also, let the sweater shine.
'Tis reassuring to read that other's face this dilemma too. All three are good choices, and compliment the sweater nicely. The pale, however, does blend well with the colours.
Certainly was a good Football game last night. Wonder who they will choose as the primary quarterback?
Green is my first choice but it will limit what you can wear the sweater with. Pale is my second choice cause it will go with the most outfits.
So - are you daring or a conformist?
Pale. Most classic. My choice, for sure.
Green, definitely.
Another vote for pale, though the green also works nicely. It just depends on what effect you want. : )
I actually like the yellow - I think it is due to the shape of the button.
I actually think the pale one is best. Not because I am boring but that leaves you free to have all kinds of bright accessories or nice jewelry. The cardigan is just the frame for your lovely face!

And, how's the SJC? Worth a rent? I'm a bit bummed it's not on here.
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