Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Best Mail Day Ever!
(Well, in a long time, anyway..)

Monday's post brought all sorts of goodies! The new Knitscene and the Fall 2009 Interweave Knits! Additionally, the second installment of the Oz Sock Club - I promise a more detailed post about the Sock Club next week. Boy - did the IK ever get my knitting mojo fired up! These patterns caught my attention the first time through:

Lisa Shroyer's Twilly Neckerchief

Carol Feller's Trellis and Vine Pullover
Connie Chang Chinchio's Farmer's Market Cardigan

Angela Hahn's French Braid Pullover

Which one do you think I'll cast on first? I haven't even given Knitscene a serious look yet! In the meantime, I'll be working on SIL's request socks this weekend.

It was Puck's 13th birthday today. We had a birthday dinner last night (he and dad took off for the cabin tonight.) The special dinner request? Lobster tail with lemon butter, Baby Asparagus and Steamed Rice. The birthday gift was a brand new Defense Lacrosse Pole (you would be surprised at the expense of that gear.) One of the 8th graders on the Championship team snapped his D-pole clean off about a foot from the Head in the middle of the Championship game. There were panicked parents running around looking for a replacement. D-poles are more expensive than regular poles and it's less likely for the kids to have a back-up stick. I digress, Puck now has a backup pole.

Wish us luck for good weather at the cabin this weekend, we haven't had very many this Summer!

Um, the Farmer's Market Cardigan. That would be my guess.
Happy Birthday Puck! Have a great weekend!
Mmm, lobster.
Farmer's Market Cardi!

Happy birthday, Puck! And here's hoping you have a lovely cabin weekend.
Happy Birthday Puck!

Hmm. I'm glad I'm not the one deciding between those patterns except - ! Pretty!
I would pick the French Braid Pullover myself but all of them are awesome.
The Farmers Market Cardigan is quite lovely, but then, so is the French Braid Pullover.
Hope you have great weather at the cabin this weekend.
Farmers Market Cardi -

Happy cabinin' to ya.
Happy Birthday Puck, and I wish you fine weather and I would start with the Farmer's Market Cardigan.
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