Sunday, August 02, 2009

Acer Without Sleeves!

...or buttons for that matter. I love how the fabric knit up for this and I am imagining the sleeves will go quickly - it just needs some pretty buttons!

Today was the last day of the Youth Lacrosse season. Puck's team didn't make it into the playoffs, but they swept the Consolation Tournament in Chaska today. The other 7/8A team took the State Championship home, so it was a bittersweet day.

Puck is a forward-thinking kid and he's pretty excited about the upcoming week; braces off tomorrow morning and a 13th birthday on Wednesday! He wants Lobster for dinner....expensive kid.

In the meantime, Teen has survived a camping trip alone with his buddy out to Whitewater State Park (no adult supervision), and there were no law officers involved - so that was a big milestone (the camping trip, I was kidding about the law officers.) Now, if I could just get him to finish up his college application essays.

There was a fracas in our neighborhood this week. My good friend/neighbor has three (count 'em, three!) daughters. They've all been involved in dance to some extent, but the oldest (starting 9th grade) is pretty talented in Ballet - she was invited to attend the Joffrey Ballet School's Summer Intensive and has been in New York for two weeks now! Her dance-mates came and TP'd her house last night - what a mess! Regardless, everyone is so thrilled for her.

Well, Puck and I have been making pickles here at our house this week - so I have a few pictures of that mess to show you later - and possibly even some socks in progress!

I like that cardigan!

Oh, and did you see the refrigerator pickles on this blog?
Lobster, heh. Mine are into crab. Do you remember that restaurant that was on Shady Oak Road and 62 years ago, that had all-you-can-eat crab one night a week? We still dream about that place.
Ah, Whitewater. I remember camping there on some sort of school summer program. There was a flood...

Happy pickling! :)
Oh I love the color of that sweater it was a favorite pattern of mine too.
Pickles! What kind?
Lovely Acer - sleeves or not!
Acer is pretty, with or without sleeves! Kind of in the Venus de Milo stage.

So was that a sign of love - TP'ing the house? Kids.
Lovely sweater!
I'm now feeling lucky that Gameboy requested Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday dinner; I had been hoping for something better, but am not willing to risk lobster.
Sweaters AND pickles. You gotta love a women who can do both. I gave up on pickles. My first and only attempt was a floppy, soggy, salty thing. Totally gross.

Love the sweater and congrats to the boy with no braces! WHOOP WHOOP!
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