Monday, July 20, 2009


Has it really been 20 days since I posted?


There was the Fourth, and then there was a Lacrosse Tournament, then there were cabin weekends and suddenly, voila! (Really. It's a French word and it means "there it is!" or "here it is!" - It bugs me to no end when people say wa-la or whaala or even worse? Viola. I guess everyone has something they nitpick, that's mine.) Twenty days!

Teen has been reffing, working on college applications, reading Shakespeare, having his Senior Portrait taken and planning a camping trip with his pals.

Have I mentioned the Teen got a 34 on his ACT's? He thinks he could do better.

Puck has been playing Lacrosse, reading Three Cups of Tea and going to lots and lots of movies.

The weather was cool and overcast this weekend and I plowed through three books on my Kindle, nearly finished the second sleeve on my Copine and polished off my Milkweed Shawl that I started three weeks ago. It is currently blocking on my floor; that means photos soon, that that's the leftover yarn up there. That yellow blob is Acer and that is just flying along - stockinette, don't you know!

Do better than 34?! Dang. That's a pretty amazing score!
Viola annoys me to no end as well! I can't wait to see your Milkweed, I have 2 charts left to do on mine!
What books? Awesome score - although I do know one of the 36 kids from Minnetonka! Your Acer color is preciously divine!
Better than 34? WOW!
I won't even tell you what my score was all those years ago. He is super smart. Way to go Teen. Sweater looks great too.
Amen on the voila thing.
And that's a yummy yellow blob!
Well hello. A 34!??!? HOLY CRAP! Harvard? they have a lacrosse team. Sheesh.

Can't wait to see your projects in FO format. . . I love that yellow color.

My sweater is S.L.O.W.L.Y. coming along, but coming along indeed.

Today is my birthday and my bf gave me my very first skein of alpaca. It's divine. I might sleep with it.
When I was a teen at music camp, my violist friends and I used to wear t-shirts that said "Voila Viola!" We thought they were great and these days, I wish I'd save one. I'm in the Twin Cities for the next few days and I wonder if you have a favorite LYS. I went to Cold Water Collaborative and 3 Kittens today. I have plans to visit Amazing Threads on my way up north on Friday. If I'm missing something crucial, let me know!
Sounds like a really busy summer for all of you.
Yes, which books?
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