Thursday, July 23, 2009

Milkweed Shawl

Did you know that Milkweed is the ONLY thing that Monarch Caterpillars will eat? Generally, people think Milkweed is bad and it has become harder and harder for the Monarch Caterpillars to find food. Poor little caterpillars.

This Milkweed Shawl is warm and lovely but it is VERY heavy. I plan on wrapping up with it this Winter for Hockey and Football games.

Pattern: Milkweed Shawl by Laura Chau Yarn: Knitterly Things Kid Mohair Color: Tobacco Needles: Knitpicks DPN's US 4/3.5 mm Started: July 1, 2009 Completed: July 19, 2009.

Note: Pattern was easy-peasy, but it ate up the yarn. I'd like to make it again in a lighter weight. I love the color with little pops of red.

Well, what do you know? I managed to post twice in one week. Now I am off to pick up the Teen's Senior Portrait Proofs and take Grandma to lunch. I may actually finish a sweater this weekend - sleeve purgatory is nearing the end. Also? Lumberjack World Championships are this weekend - we have tickets for Saturday's show - um yeah, I'll let you know.

Gorgeous! Looks perfect for the summer office, too. *shivering*

Have fun at the Lumberjack World Championships... Let us know if they have tobacco spitting - they did in the competitions at my forestry college! :)
I saw tons of milkweed this morning at the blueberry fields. But no Monarch butterflies.

The shawl is lovely and should keep you warm this winter. I love the color.
Oh, that's so pretty!

I've heard the lumberjack thing is really fun. Anxious for your report.
Pretty shawl! Had no idea about milkweed.

I'm sure the lumberjack event will be fun. : )
I haven't clicked the lumberjack link but I'm thinking it's like the state fair thing which is totally cool.
I love your shawl, looks like the perfect extra for a cold ice arena - and beautiful colors too!
That's beautiful! You are a machine girlfriend!!
Looks very, very cozy. Now go plant some milkweed!
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