Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Make Sure You Set the Alarm....

Do you ever get out of bed in the morning ready to go right back to bed?


Then you remember; today is the last day of school.

Suddenly, all I want to do is curl up in my chair with my needles and my yarn. I love my boys, but herding them around their Summer tasks is much more exhausting than tending to my own Wintertime tasks. (Sigh.)

At least I had a wonderful sock kit in the mail last week with lots of goodies to play with:

Zen String in "Over the Rainbow"

This is the Oz Sock Club from Woolgirl. There were a few more goodies in the bag (some stickers and a wooden rainbow ornament, but some of those have found homes already.) I forgot to stick the pattern in the photo - It's adorable with a garter ridge toe - but not sure it's what I'll use for this yarn. I may actually dig into my Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn book for a pattern to use this yarn.


Copine has headed into sleeve land, it's been perfect for TV time, but there has not been a whole lot of TV this week. The Diminishing Rib cardigan has reached the last six inches of the body, and NOW it is starting to eat up the yarn (and I am still loving this yarn). Acer is on hiatus until one of the other two sweaters is finished up. I have no socks currently on the needles, but Empoisonee is next in line.

Miscellaneous Life Stuff:

Well, the HS boys had their banquet last night, put that season to bed. Today, Puck's team has their first game of the Summer. Teen is reffing (not Puck's game), so we are off for the Youth Lacrosse season. I really wish it wasn't so chilly and damp, but I am grateful for the rain (as is my lawn).

Teen is taking the ACT for reals this weekend and then we are heading to the cabin for a brief weekend stint (back Monday!) I plan on sleeping late with all of the windows open so I can hear the Loons in the morning.

That yarn and bag are too, too cute.
If it doesn't warm up are you really going to sleep with the windows open? I had to fire up the fireplace last night to take the chill off. Brrrrr
I have become convinced that summer totally forgot about Minnesota...AGAIN!
yummy yarn!
We broke another record - first time since 1951 that we had three days in a row in June without breaking 60F. Oh, goody.
I hear you...as excited as I am about summer being here, it's a lot of work keeping all these boys (safely) occupied!
The cabin sounds lovely. The last day of school? Not so much! (For you at least. I'm sure the kids are thrilled).

It hasn't broke 70 here in days. CA? June? Weird. I like it, but it's weird.
Welcome back to the running around season. Rush to a game, rush to the pool, rush to a music lesson, rush to ...

But when it stops, it's kinda lonesome. Luckily, you have great hobbies, and someday you'll be able to fill all of your 'me' time!
Love the Over The Rainbow colors. Nice and bright. Maybe it has something to do with the deary gray and cold here. This week in MN we've been hosting folks from Prague, Belguim and Bangalore, wish we could have shown them better MN weather!

Your summer exhausts me already! But I'm sure the kids are glad it's here. Wish the Teen good luck on the ACTs!
Oh, I'm jealous! What a fun kit!! That yarn is so pretty.

Enjoy all the boyness around you - you can use your knitting and yarn to surround yourself with girlieness.
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