Friday, June 05, 2009


How did I miss this sweater, heck, how did I miss the Summer edition of Knotions!

Now, what is in my stash that would make this sweater?

How quickly do you think I can get this whipped up? Really, really love this.

There was some nasty stuff on my computer this morning. I downloaded a Malware cleaner from and it took care of a lot of it. Regardless, I have a lovely tech from Chipheads coming out to make sure there are no lurking problems here. If you type that address in manually, make sure you go to .org and NOT .com because there is more nastiness at the .com address! (The guys at Chiphead made sure to tell me that. Nice guys.)

You must have some yarn for that!
That is a great sweater!
That's a really cute top! I'll bet you could whip that up in no time.
Pretty! Do you have ideas on what yarn you'd like to use for it?

Poor computer. There's some good anti-adware/malware software in the Lifehacker Essential Downloads. Definitely worth checking out.
Never even heard of Knotions before, thanks for the link!!
Looks like the perfect summer sweater, and it couldn't take TOO long at the speed you knit!
I hadn't heard of Knotions either so thanks for the tip. It's a lovely sweater.

Catching up on your blog. My, you've done some knitting! Love the Rasta Socks and Acer looks lovely, wish I had some Dream In Color to knit with...might have to get some of my own! Eunice socks are more like a sculpture, very nice, look complicated.

Can't wait to see your Diminishing Ribs. I wasn't so taken with it in the magazine but I've loved all the sweaters I see others doing. Love the color of yours.

So glad Kona's eye is going to be okay.
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