Thursday, June 04, 2009

It's Sock Innovation For Me!

Pattern: eunice from sock innovation by cookie A. Yarn: Emily Parson Sophie's Toes Color: Rustic Cabin Needles: Knitpicks Harmony DPN's US 1/2.25mm Started: May 7, 2009 Completed: June 3, 2009.

Note: There is errata at the IK web site for this pattern for the heel flap, but I find if I simply reverse the purls and knits on the center panel of the heel pattern chart, and add the purls back into the left-hand panel, it works perfectly. The solution provided by the errata page makes the cables all off-kilter.

Shall we take a closer look:

More like a sculpture than a sock!

Fourth game of the Stanley Cup tonight (go Pens!) and tomorrow evening the EP Girls battle Blake for the state title, and for the boys, Tonka and Eastview will battle it out. (Though I predict EP and Tonka will bring home the titles.)

Now, if my boys can somehow make it through the next few days of Finals, we will have Summer.

Gosh! Those are lovely socks. Really beautiful! I am so glad Kona is doing well. They can become so near and dear to us, huh?

good luck to your kiddos with finals.
Those are lovely!
Very pretty!
Lovely socks- and in good time too for such a complex pattern! Hurray Pens- back to an even match up!!!
Beautiful socks. Were they very difficult???? They look like they took a lot of thought to knit.
Beautiful socks! We are officially summer as of today - YAY!
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