Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Hey Look!

That's Empoisonee!
(at least, that's the plan.)

Also? I'm quite sad as I just realized it's been a whole week since I posted and I have absolutely no excuse.

I have projects underway and I've been knitting. Promise! I'll even show you progress pictures later in the week!

I've also been at Lacrosse games. Puck's team won their first game, lost their second.

Quick Lacrosse Sportsmanship rant:

1. It is against the rules for the Defensive players to make grunting noises or roar at the Attack players to try to scare/startle them into dropping the balls. It is called UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT!

2. It is against the rules (not to mention common sense), to plow a kid into the grass after the whistle has blown. You will get a penalty. (ALSO? If he's 15 inches shorter than you? Unnecessary.)

3. It is also Unsportsmanlike Conduct to throw a Lacrosse ball into that kid's chest after you have been given a penalty.

4. It is against the rules to bring your stick down onto a player's back when he is on the ground - that is slashing. After the whistle it is unnecessary roughness.

5. When you broke our Middie's clavicle you should have had to forfeit the game.

Those were just the lowlights of our Thursday night game. I don't know what's going to happen to this team, but I know some of the Coaches are taking action in the background. I would actually like to email that coach directly, but I think it would bounce off of a thick head. The kids only act like the adults teach them....

The boys are at camp this week and I've been meeting with CenterPoint Energy getting A/C quotes. Wheee! In the meantime the boys have another game tonight so it's looking like minimal knitting at my house, again! Sigh. I'll get you those pics. Promise.

Those are going to be some pretty socks!
SERIOUSLY???? Sounds like WWE LaCrosse!
UGH. I can't believe that's happening in HS lacrosse. I hope the behind-the-scenes action is effective.
They broke a clavicle and didn't even get a penalty? In HS Lacrosse? That's sad.

Empoisonee is going to look fabulous in that colorway!! Loves.
First - I am now sadly dissapointed that I'm not attending LAX with you. I am the kind of person who can really get herself worked up over things like that - and armed with knitting needles - I'd probably end up in jail. (Maybe it's better I wasn't there)
Also - any game that has rules against roaring & growling has my attention.

That said - as a parent who has had children on teams that faced "dirty" opponents I feel your anger and wish people would realize that these are games - not battles to the death. We save that for the professionals.
What is the yarn you are making your Empoisonee with? I swear I have the very same yarn in that color in my stash.

They will be lovely socks.

I need to go search my stash...I wonder what I did with that yarn...
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