Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Heat Index is off the charts. I really do hate this weather. Look at these beautiful projects. They are just crawling along. I can only bring myself to do a row or two, then I have to go get a glass of sun tea.

Well, Empoisonee was marching right along, I got that little toe finished and started to go, "Huh, wha....move six stitches again?" No way to check for errata. Rrrrrrip. Luckily I had my Spring/Summer '09 Knit1 with four sock patterns in it. I'll try Empoisonee again at a later date, when I can give it my full attention. This is cookie A.'s poppy socks. Another toe up, but somehow, an easier pattern to follow.

We are home a few more days and then it's off to the cabin, again. I did manage to get the Diminishing Rib Cardi finished this afternoon - hopefully I can get some photos tomorrow morning after the AC guys are here. In the meantime, I am off to sweat through watching Lacrosse!

Ooh, love those pink/green socks!
The colors are great!

I hope they get the AC well and truly fixed!
Please call if you need a place to hang! I'd love the company. Except at LaCrosse games.
Hope that today is the big A/C fix day!
I melted onto the bleacher yesterday at baseball. gack.

my word verification for this comment today is 'undorky' HAHAHAAAAA!
Yeah, it's unbearably hot. My front stairs are in the process of being replaced this week, and I keep worrying about the guy doing the job.

So... I'm a bit saddened to not see eposinee socks, but the new ones are looking fabulous! :)
I've heard the one about electrical work and alcohol not mixing but you might want to add lacrosse and 94 degrees F. Water break!
I know, it's been too hot to even breathe.
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