Monday, June 22, 2009

Dog Tired!

They'd have to be to be this close together, peacefully. (Kona on the left, and Ozzie on the right).

At least at the cabin I'm less than 60 feet from the water - it stinks bein' here at home with only half an a/c system.

I have knitting news, but no pictures to go along yet. Look for sock news tomorrow....

Oh no, the AC is still messed up?! Gah. I'd move to the coffee shop. :)
This is not the time of year to have a messed up A/C. Possibly the mall is calling your name today...
Oh, smoochy smoochy little poochies! What a darling dog bed, too. Lots of swimming, I'm guessing!

I agree with Chris - head to your nearest coffee shop and treat yourself to an iced drink and some full-time ac.
Oh my! That's a bundle of love there sister!
Such lovely dogs. That's a wonderful picture.
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