Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Aw, heck.

I am lucky if I get over here to post once a week!

Well, I promised stash enhancement. It's been absolutely weeks since I've added new sock yarn to the stash.

I was wishing for some Vesper, and this pretty blue-green spoke to me. I got a little Over the Rainbow package today - I'll try to get some pictures tomorrow. Actually, I'll have an FO tomorrow as well!

The 7/8 Lacrosse team has been practicing all week and they have their first game of the season next Tuesday. I'm looking forward to relaxing on the sidelines on these lovely Summer evenings. Teen gets to ref, I don't envy him (it gets REALLY hot on those turf fields in July).

I hadn't mentioned it earlier, but we had some good news about Kona this week (that's our lovely older Chocolate Lab). He had a growth removed from his lower eyelid about a month ago and developed a scratch on his cornea from a piece of suture that got loose in his eye. I was terrified he was going to lose his eye, but the new (very expensive) eyedrop medicine is finally working! We have a big graduation party for my nephew on Saturday, after that, it's cabin time on the weekends!

I'll be the photo queen tomorrow so I'll have a few new posts lined up! (yay!)

Glad Kona's ok!!!

Pretty yarn.

Hey, it felt like I was at the cabin this morning, driving to work. BRR!
Very good news from the Vet department! Nobody likes to have a sick doggy.

I would like to see your interpretation of relaxing on the sidelines of a lacrosse match. I never did master it while Gameboy was still playing you really knit???
I'm really glad Kona's going to be okay!
Yay about Kona! That's fabulous news.

Nice stash enhancement!
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