Sunday, May 17, 2009

WIP Week - Final Installment

So the Dream in Color is going to be the Acer Cardigan.

The Cascade 200 is going to be Mason Dixon's Perfect Sweater (V-neck version, please.)

I'm finishing up the shoulders on Copine and I've split off for the sleeves on the Diminishing Rib Cardi - it's going to be sweater crazy over here! (Don't worry - the socks are still going to Wednesday morning knitting!) In the meantime I am trying to save the Boys' desktop computer which is succumbing to all sorts of viruses and anti-virus software (argh.)

JV Lacrosse is done for the season. They finished their season undefeated (although by now, I imagine you weren't expecting to hear anything else, right?) The Varsity team won their final game against Burnsville finishing first in their Division. They have a buy for the first round of the Playoffs and have their first Quarter Final game on Thursday. I can hardly wait! On top of that, our Youth program starts on Monday! Puck made the 7/8 A2 team - woot! (86 kids tried out - 21 kids on each A team, the remaining kids on the two B teams. The A1 team is made up entirely of 8th graders. (Yea, I'm braggin' just a little - my kid is really good at keeping people away from a net with a six-foot long pole :-)!)

Well, back to the desktop resuscitation.

I expected nothing less than a complete rout for the championship team.

Nice sweaters!
The Acer will be beautiful in the DIC!!

Go boys!
Go team!

Good luck on the computer resuscitation...
What is it with boys' computers? Ours are always developing viruses. Yet looking through the history, they don't seem to visit any suspect sites or download weird stuff.
I like both of those!
ooh. i can't wait to see how the perfect sweater emerges. :)
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