Thursday, May 14, 2009

WIP Week - Copine:

Warning - I watched a lot of television today, this post may contain a reality show spoiler!*

It may not look like it but that's 17 inches of 4x6 ribbing in a bulky yarn. Since I took this picture this afternoon, I watched Survivor (Yay! Douche, I mean Coach, is gone!), and the second halves of two hockey games! (Yay Wings, Boo Canes!) That equals an inch and a half of body and splitting off for the right front! I also finished a sock today and wound up yarn for NaKniSweMoDo sweaters 8 and 9! Of course that means I'll have 6,7,8 and 9 on the needles all at the same time. Somehow the idea of that situation kind of delights me; I'll be knitting crazily all over the place and all of a sudden I'll have a finished sweater. It's like I'm performing some kind of nutty magic trick.

I didn't make it to knitting group yesterday - it's been so long since I've been, I've forgotten which spot in our rotation we were supposed to be at. I'll be glad when this spat of dentist/ortho/vet/hair appointments are done. Sheesh. How's a gal supposed to get any knitting done?

The EP Lacrosse team again kicked it last night. JV won 5-2 and Varsity defeated Rosemount 16-2. The local paper drives me totally crazy. We've had one of the best teams in the state for 8-9 years (and we've been in the State Championship both years since Lacrosse became sanctioned two years ago.) Not that the ST pays much lip service to High School sports, but it usually has to have something to do with Football. Seriously, even in the Spring. So, we started the season ranked somewhere around 3-4th and are undefeated in our Division; now we are ranked 2nd. EP has had some seriously hurt players and beat most of the teams ranked higher than we were. Who does our local paper write about? The team that has dropped to the #3 ranking, oh, and the number 1 ranked team too (as it should be - but Tonka's been highlighted in the paper three times this season). The last regular-season game is Friday and then Playoffs start next week and I'm hoping these kids get a little recognition for what they've accomplished.

*Also? Rock it Adam Lambert! I cannot wait to hear what he sings next week.

Oh, pretty blue! Probably you should stay alert to make sure Jeanne doesn't sneak in and take it...
4 sweaters at once.... clearly you have a lot of lacrosse/vet/ortho/dentist/hair appointments left in your future.
Four sweaters! But who am I to talk? I have four big lace shawls in progress. I'll hush now.
I thought that Tonka story was overkill too - and I live here!I haven't even picked out my Copine yarn yet and look at you..sigh!
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