Monday, May 25, 2009

WIP Report:

Oh, seriously, I found another cardigan I LOVE. Check out Cosmicpluto. Of course, she hasn't written the pattern yet, but that shouldn't stand in my way!

Acer is progressing nicely. Butter Peeps really is a much lovelier colorway than this photo - way more buttery and peepy.

The Diminishing Rib Cardi is just starting to get interesting, but I came to the end of my first skein so I thought it was a good time to rotate projects. Yep, that's right. That is all just one gigantor skein of very soft yarn.

Copine was down watching the hockey game and didn't feel like coming out for a photograph. Maybe she'll show her face next week.

I like the butter color. And aren't cardigans more versatile than pullovers?!
I love the shape of that Diminishing Rib Cardie! It looks feminine and flattering.
Oh, the Cosmicpluto sweater is really cool!
Good that the sweaters (well almost all of them) cooperated so well today!
I'd love to see that buttery peepy yarn in person one of these days.
Cosmicpluto's cardigan is really nice looking.

Diminishing Rib had diminishing skein? lol.
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