Sunday, May 24, 2009

Swap Goodies!

My knitting group traded skeins of sock yarn and we knit each other a pair of socks from our partners' stash. Then we gifted them back with some other little goodies! The person that got to knit for me was Corgiknits (over on Rav). Yes her cute little baby boy joins us at knitting every other week!

Here are my lovely socks and my goodies!

My partner knit the Super Swag Sock out of my Vesper yarn in Lonely is the Night colorway! There were some yummy chocolate sheepies and she made me a super-cute bag out of two different fabrics - a toile and a floral pattern. It's packed and ready to go on the road this weekend. There's also a little sheepie mascot there and some beautiful violet yarn. I didn't get a chance to ask her if she spun it or dyed it, but it's very squooshy! Forgive the horrible photo, I was in a terrible hurry! However badly I photographed them, I love my new socks!

What an awesome way to do a swap!
Lucky you! Those are lovely socks.
Cool loot!
Looks like lovely socks.
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