Saturday, May 30, 2009

Look - it's Rasta Socks!

Pattern: My own made up! Yarn: Rasta Yarn from my friend Megan Color: Jamaica Flag! Needles: Kollage Yarns' Square DPN's US 3/3.25mm Started: May 21, 2009 Completed: May 27, 2009.

Note: Can you imagine a 12 year old with such giant feet? It's a made-up pattern from mama's mind. See that yarncake next to them? That's what's left! (Puck likes the heels and toes best!)

It's been a busy week, more Vet appointments, AC tech visits, grocery shopping two Lacrosse games and now it's the weekend already. One Lacrosse game was wonderful and the other was sad and now the High School team is done for the year (they beat Wayzata, but Minnetonka was amazing, Tonka won by one goal.)

We've planted some flowers last night and tonight we're going to grill and watch the first game of the Stanley Cup. (Go Pens!)

Sweater progress later in the week and stash enhancement tomorrow!

Crazy socks!!

Alas about the lacrosse season being over, but it sounds like it was a great one.
Cool socks, mon! Even better with you making up the pattern!

Speaking of vet visits . . . how are the dogs? Leo molted his winter coat like a moe-foe. I could have knit several sweaters if I had the sick notion to collect and spin the stuff. gag. He has NOT eaten my Loopy Ewe yet . . .

Have a nice evening - sounds relaxing.
Woo hoo! I'm glad you were able to make a good home for that yarn -- those socks are spectacular!! :)
Good job on the "Personal Pattern."

How did you like the square needles? The finish has worn of on the corners of a couple of mine. :-/
That was fast! It seems like you just posted a picture of the yarn.
Watching the news the other night out of the Cities and saw that they lost and thought of you. The socks look great.
Lucky the rasta feet that wear the rasta socks mon!
Yeah, real rasta rocks.
Those look great!
Sadly, I can imagine a 12 year old with such large feet.
Great Socks though!
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