Thursday, May 21, 2009


Where has this week gone?

Down the rabbit hole, I am thinking. There have been haircuts and vet appointments, A/C service calls and cleaning of filing cabinets (that A/C warranty has to be somewhere....)

Regardless, the knitting has been on-going. I have some photographing to do, but I hope to leave you for the weekend tomorrow with a post documenting this week's progress. Of course, that will be after the 7th grade concert and the playoff Lacrosse game that happens tonight.

In the meantime - if you can get your hands on this book - I highly recommend it! ETA: I've been asked for a book report - I've not finished it yet but I'll do my best. This is a "spy" story set after the Revolutionary war when Washington was President and Jefferson and Hamilton were vying for power in the government. It's a story of two lives on opposite ends of a government situation. There are plots to ruin the newly created Bank of the United States and plots for revenge and rebellion by the poor and neglected. The story begins very quickly and has kept me very interested, thought I am currently only 3/4's of the way through! My smart-pants 17 year old looked at me askance as I spoke of the Whiskey Rebellion (my mother is so ignorant - eye roll), but if I ever learned of it I'd forgotten it and it's very interesting.

It's not available in paperback until June, however, I did get a discounted copy on my Kindle.

Oooo, almost done with my latest read. I'll have to pick it up.
Thanks for reminding me I forgot to make the vet appointments.
And, now that I'm thinking of it, the dentist appointments too.

Have a good holiday weekend!
Oh! I'm always looking for a good read! Thanks for the tip.

I am excited to see that 'peeps' knit up into that ACER sweater. It is such a lovely lovely yellow!

Have a good week (up north?)!
Of COURSE the ac died this week. Grrrr.

Have a relaxing weekend!
How about a book report? (not that you have all sorts of time on your hands)
Hmmm....(running off to investigate book)...
The book sounds good - but it also might be a good candidate for a Father's Day present, considering I probably won't finish his cardigan.

I may have to preview the book to make sure it's suitable. ;)
Hey, that might be an interesting book. Thanks.
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