Thursday, May 07, 2009

BMFA Peru*:

*Blue Moon Fiber Arts Peru

This is a truly lovely yarn. Very soft and silky, and look how this Tubular Cast-on is fluffy and beautiful. I only wish I'd started this earlier (The Diminishing Rib Cardigan) from the cover of Spring '09 IK. I don't hate EVERYTHING IK. I've actually knit about six more inches than this. I cast on some Cookie socks tonight too. Busy weekend, but I'll try to get a picture up tomorrow.

Wednesday night's Lacrosse games were the BEST EVER! JV did their usual workmanlike job and finished off their opponents 6-1. Teen had his usual eventful night, receiving the weirdest call of the game. (Seriously, many of the HS Lacrosse officials have crossed over from Basketball or Hockey and have had very limited training. Some of the calls and/or lack thereof, have been just bizarre!) Teen had his stick checked out of his hand and he bent over to pick it up, scooping a ground ball as he went(with his stick, not his hands) and he was called for playing without a stick. Ummm? No? Since Teen has been a Ref for two years now, the "Idiot" calls really infuriate him.

The Varsity game? Best Lacrosse game I've seen, ever! Both teams played hard the first two periods, keeping the score within two points either way. At the Half, EP was leading 9-7. Jefferson came in with a fury in the third period (the Jaguars have two Seniors that are going to play D2 next year out East - our D2-bound Senior is out for the season with a knee injury). So our little team that could - made up evenly of 8 Seniors, 8 Juniors and 8 Sophomores had to figure out how to answer them when the third period ended and EP was down by 3. It was looking tenuous for the "lads". Coach made a few adjustments, putting one of our toughest long-pole** Defensive players on one of the D2 scoring machines with one mission: keep him out of the "box". The EP boys proceeded to score 4 unanswered goals in 8 minutes in a most workmanlike manner. EP took possession of the ball in the last minute and effectively killed the rest of the period and held their lead. Our little group of moms huddled on a grassy hill at the side of the field burst out in huge cheers (mostly because we'd spent the entire game being heckled by a bunch of Bloomington STUDENTS and we were tired of it.) So exhilarating! Two more games next week and then the playoffs start.

**A standard Lacrosse pole used at Attack and Midfield (Middies) typically have a pole that is approximately 40-42 inches long, they cannot be shorter than 40". The Defense position is typically played with a longpole that can measure up to six feet long. The extra leverage can give down field passes extra distance and are a daunting defensive weapon. Teen plays Attack and Puck plays D. Thus ends your Lacrosse lesson for the day.

Ah, BMFA. Lovely!

Ha! Take that, you Bloomington students.
Very nice denimy color.
I like the color, too.

Enjoy those sports days with your's gone too quickly!
I Never cheer for Jefferson - or those Hornets... Way to go EP!
I loved that cardigan. I wish I had that much knitting time. sigh.
Thanks for the lesson! So MUCH to learn!
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