Thursday, April 23, 2009

Stash Diving!

I dug this out of the stash on Sunday. I decided it was about time I cast on for Oblique, which I've been wanting to knit forever.

This is Peru (50% Alpaca/30% Merino/20% Silk) in the Spinel colorway from Blue Moon Fiber Arts. I haven't actually cast on, but I've got it wound up and ready to go. (Copine is sitting down in front of the TV for hockey playoffs - man I am exhausted from watching so much hockey!)

Life has been crazy-busy this week what with Lacrosse games on Monday and Wednesday. Varsity and JV remain undefeated so far this week beating Eastview and Apple Valley. I attended my knitting group on Wednesday morning and finished up my socks on the needles (pictures to come!) I cast on another pair this morning with some Pigeonroof Studios yarn from my stash!

That's going to be a lovely yarn for Oblique! Dang, maybe I should hire you to be a ghostknitter for me. ;)
Chris can not hire you to be her ghost knitter because you are going to be mine. Sure, people will wonder how my questionable knitting skills managed to get so awesome while spending all this time not knitting - but I believe I have the BS skills to fool them.
Oh.My. That yarn is gorgeous! Busy Monday??
Egads, I love that yarn! Do you need my measurements?
That is going to look great in this yarn!
Really love the color!
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