Friday, April 10, 2009


Have you ever known me to take more than two weeks to finish a pair of socks?

It was nothing personal - I like the pattern and the yarn. I guess my attention was elsewhere. The sock yarn is going to get jealous of the sweater love goin' on over here. This is what gets taken out to knitting morning - so it gets a little lovin' once a week. (Yarn is Mini Mochi and it makes a really great fabric.)

Did I mention that HS Lacrosse has started? Teen is playing JV and their first game is next Wednesday. If you're lucky I'll have some exciting pictures to share! (Youth Lacrosse starts in May.)

Wait, I only see one sock???
Well, it looks good! You've been busy cranking out the sweaters, so you're forgiven. : )
I won't tell you how long it takes me sometimes.
Uou are still knitting socks a lot faster than I do.
Cute sock. Socks can take less than two weeks? Not for me.

I really love that sweater! Did Izzie recover? I was actually not hating her for a bit there.
I love this sock - what's the pattern?
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