Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Punky Penny Socks

You know, it's silly, but I'd forgotten how much fun it is to work on a pair of socks that just fly!

I've been working on Copine, but it starts with 18 inches of K6/P4 rib. I can work through a few rows when I sit down to watch TV in the evening, but then my mind wanders and it sits motionless in my hands for minutes at a time....

I imagine this pair will be finished by the end of the weekend, then it will be no excuses work on the Copine. I may even cast on the next sweater...

In the meantime, we had our first four Lacrosse games this week. Tuesday night the kids faced Wayzata and the JV won (yay Teen!), but the Varsity could not pull it together, they lost by one point! Tonight due to Puck's needs, I was stuck in EP when the Teen traveled out to Lakeville for a 5 pm game. JV won the day 6-1, playing in rain and on shoddy fields (not regulation and flooded badly). Varsity had a sound victory, defeating Lakeville South 17-3. Tomorrow is a night off and then Friday evening we head out to Lakeville North for the final games of the week.

In the meantime, new buttons to make plans for:

You knit a fast sock! Love the red buttons, too.
SUCH a pretty sock! The buttons are pretty spiffy, too. :)
Oooooooh, those buttons!
You are so fast! Is it all the sporting events? It's been too cold for me to knit at any baseball games and I'll admit - I'm a little public-shy of my knitting. . . sigh.
Rani left a comment on my blog this morning asking if you know about the most recent entry. I guess she thinks you might find it of interest. :-)
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