Thursday, April 02, 2009

Pinned and Unblocked:

...but the knitting is done.

I am bidding on some celluloid antique knot buttons on Ebay for this sweater. Even if I don't use them on this sweater, I think I will use these buttons. (Reminder: This is the Duotone Cardigan from Fall/Winter '08 Knit1.) I will have a complete knit recap when I have the buttons, but the actual knitting of this sweater took only 22 days - and I was working on a pair of socks and another sweater at the same time. (I am in the process of attaching sleeves and knitting a neckline on that other sweater!)

Off to the cabin this weekend to celebrate DH's 50th birthday. When I return we will be launching into NaKniSweMoDo #5! Copine is coming soon as well...

It turned out really well!

Happy birthday to your DH.
I hope you win the buttons. They'll be fabulous on that sweater. Happy Birthday, DH!
Wow - great sweater! And you are on a speed roll! Starting sweater #5, and it's only a few days into month #4. Very cool!
great sweater. happy birthday to dh
Happy birthday, DH! COOL, KICK-ARSE sweater!!
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