Saturday, April 25, 2009

One Sock, New Socks, Done Socks, Two Socks!

Beginning of Copper Penny Socks

Pattern: Braided Gem Socks (Rav link) by Elizabeth Ravenwood from Knitting with Handpainted Yarn Yarn: Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Mochi Color: 104 Fern Needles: Kollage Yarns' Square DPN's US2/2.75mm Started: March 4, 2009 Completed: March 22, 2009.

Note: These have been my "knitting group" socks receiving little more than weekly attention. I decided to buckle down and finish them up this week. The yarn is very soft and malabrigo-like to the hand and they are already quite fuzzy so I imagine there will be some pilling. With two separate skeins for these socks, there was no matching the stripes, but I don't mind the look.

So the week started on Monday night with two Lacrosse games in 46 degree weather, looked up on Wednesday with much warmer evening games, and finished up last night with another two, 46 degree, windy as all get-out, evening games. We saw victory in all six games and both Varsity and JV are undefeated.

If you are from our part of Minnesota, I know nobody will believe me when I say the Eden Prairie teams were the underdogs this year (it doesn't usually happen, but hey, look at our Hockey team this year!) However, they were ranked 5th in the state at the beginning of the season. So far we have defeated three of the four teams ranked ahead of us. Blake, Eastview and Eagan. These are some talented and determined boys who are so fun to watch! Not to mention Teen has seen some well-earned improvement in his game and was one of the scoring players last night, for the second game in a row!

Time to wake the troops for a busy day!

The Mochi socks are great. They just seem to glow. I guess I have to break down and get some because every pair of socks of seem with this yarn have turned out great.
Another pair of gorgeous socks!

Here's hoping you don't get wet today...
I saw them on Ravelry; they're really great looking socks!
Love these green socks! Thanks for the info on how the yarn shapes up, too!
I love that name "copper penny" - love it.

Very clever title to your blog, too.

We are diving into baseball/soccer at the moment, so I'm hoping to get a move on my knitting.
Very nice! I haven't tried the Mini Mochi yet, but I've been tempted.
Where can I get the mini-mocha??
And here I thought I was the only blogger to paraphrase that Dr Seuss title for a blog post title... ;o)
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