Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Copine:

My Copine has very humble beginnings. This is from the WEBS Sale Cascade ECO ++. Very yummy.

I ordered some Seaglass buttons from this etsy shop for my Ysolde. I do love pretty buttons. Even if they don't suit, they'll be lovely on another project.

Teen's JV Lacrosse team took names and kicked butt in their game yesterday - victory over the Blake Bears 10-1. EP Varsity was victorious in their rematch of last year's State Championship game (yay) 8-4. Varsity is no 3-0-0, JV is 3-0-0 and we have two Freshman/Sophomore teams who had their first games yesterday and they won all four of their games (yay again!) Mild temperatures and sunshine made for a lovely afternoon in the announcers' booth.

Congrats to the lacrosse players! Hey, you've cast on - isn't that one of the worst parts?
That thing about using the buttons for something else if they don't work for this project? That's how you get a button collection. Ask me how I know...
Oh - you started yours?? Now I want to!! Guess where we went for dinner last night???
That seems like a darn lot of stitches to cast on. A DARN lot... gonna tell us how many times you had to rip & restart????

Way to go Lacrosse!
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