Thursday, April 09, 2009


Another one of Ysolde's charming patterns. Manos del Uruguay. Love the deep green of this yarn. However, the pattern is sucking up a LOT of yarn. It knits quickly so I'll probably keep going, but I may rip only to start again with something else from the stash. Too bad, because I really love this color.

Oh! I won my buttons from the ebay auction, so I'm just waiting for them to show up to finish the Duotone!

Anybody else watching AI this season? How about that Adam Halpert - man - he is a step above.

I totally gave up on AI a few seasons back - and now almost all of my tv time is set on the Bravo channel.
Oh, it's pretty - too bad it's evil on the yarn...
Cool. It IS really pretty and I'm with you . . . I love the color!
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