Monday, April 27, 2009

Did Someone Say Something About a Button Collection?

Ebay has proved itself a WONDERFUL source of vintage/Celluloid/Bakelite buttons. Texture and color are two reasons why I love knitting, these buttons fit right into that obsession.

Some buffed celluloid buttons. Very 50's retro. I want to bite them.

I picture these on a fluffy cream-colored cardigan. "Oh, Rob!" (Laura Petry, Dick Van Dyke)

Can you just feel the weight of some of these buttons (honestly, some will get tossed in the general button box, but the big, texture-y ones will have a sweater future!)

THEN we move on to the Bakelite. Don't you want to touch them?

The bright, spring-like colors, so sweet.

They look edible, don't they?

I might be in button trouble....

Fabulous collection!

Button envy here.
I have a small and much more disorganized button collection myself. You have some lovelies!
Beautiful! But be careful--Miss T. has a bakelite fetish--she might be on the prowl...
You have great buttons. My Grandmothers had great buttons - and when their homes were cleaned out they were thrown away by stupid people...I mean relatives.
And I might be breaking into your house... :o)
oh yum! I love the dark ones with the circles. So so retro and cool!
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