Saturday, April 18, 2009

Almost Liesl...

...almost done!

I took these photos yesterday morning - I have a sleeve and half done as of this morning. Again - I have to go shopping for buttons; some big, pretty buttons.

In the meantime, I ordered this little sock knitting tote from Persnickity Knits - she has them in some gorgeous colors and I like that you can just tuck them into your bigger bag.

Some pretty Bambewe poking out of there.

In the meantime - we have more Lacrosse this afternoon - the big Blake re-match.

The JV boys beat Chaska last night, errrm, I can't remember the score right now, but it was at least by six goals. Varsity had a tougher match but they were victorious - 13-8. We stopped on the way home and had some yummy burgers at the Lion's Tap.

Whoops. I clicked on that bag link. Maybe I can accidentally close the window before I see anything too tempting...
I should stop blinking. Because everytime I blink, you have a sweater almost done!
Beautiful sweater! I haven't been to Lions Tap in ages...hmmmmm? Nothing planned for dinner!
Ooooh so pretty. And I'm with Miss T - no more blinking or I just might miss one of your gorgeous sweaters!

Fun bag - my grandmother had a washer and dryer that same color back in the 50s. I've always loved that color.
Another sweater! You are amazing!
Mam', I want your sweater.
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