Saturday, March 21, 2009

WIP's on Parade...

Rivulet awaiting her fasteners, and Duotone Cardi awaiting her sleeves. Cherie has been quite accommodating while I cast on for my Sock Madness socks.

Unfortunately I am going to have to cop to being DQ'd right off the bat. I'm going to finish these, but frankly, I was just too cranky to try my first afterthought heel. I took one look at the instructions and went ahead and knit my gusset heel. Yarn is Malabrigo Sock. So I'll be free to hunt down this pattern here. (At least after I finish up the three sweaters I have waiting for completion.)

In the meantime, if you've had the cuticle issues I've had this last two months - check out Target's Boots boutique. (I know you UK gals have had Boots forever, but it's new to us here in the Midwest USA!) A little over $5 the tube and it smells fantastic and feels lovely and velvety.
Do you know what the best thing is about being an "early adopter" of the Kindle? All the free book offers by publishers trying to get their new author in front of readers!

You have been a busy gal. Thanks for the tip on the hand cream.
my goodness, you've been busy! I've read that other's are having woes with the Sock Madness pattern too. Hadn't heard of the "afterthought heel" and will be doing some exploration on it. Thank you for sharing the information on the hand cream. I suspect quite few of us had dry hand syndrom this winter.
Lovely brown sock in progress! What do you think of Malabrigo sock yarn?

Cuticule issues: I tried Burt Bee's cuticle cream a month ago. Ehh. Boots sounds like a much better product!
Colors of the sweaters look lovely together. You could wear them layered in the cold of the Minnesota winter. Start a new trend!
Mmmmm. I'm liking the look of that cream. It's so pretty and feminine.

Go girl on those socks! Whooop!

And Cherie looks very toasty these days.
I can't believe I haven't picked up that creme based on packaging alone - my hands are long overdue for some intensive treatment.

Looking forward to Cherie modeling all those finished sweaters.
I'm all about doing my favorite heel and pattern be darned. ;) I'm a big fan of the Burt's Bees Cuticle Cream - lemon is one of the few scents I can handle.

You'll have to let me know if I'm pestering you with Kindle freebies when I send them. :)
Very enticing packaging on that hand cream. It may suck me in...
Busy bee... and, oh, yes, that afterthought heel, only useful with socks for men who wear wooden shoes.
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